Friday, May 18, 2012

To the Greeks Hubris was a definite "no no".  It pretty much meant the end of the line if you fell victim to it.  I, however, disagree.  Bill Gates (early version).  Donald Trump (late version). Bill Clinton (all of it). Sure a little Hubris makes someone into a douche.  But it also helps the rest of us quite a bit.  I mean Julius Hubris Caesar did not end things so well for himself, but he got the entire Western world organized.  This is the point.  Hubris can really help organize society and advance knowledge.  Hubris can be a great friend to the singularity.

So how does that fit with the greatest sin in Mormondom - pride?  If pride is enmity towards God, it must be a terrible thing.  If it is a terrible thing, than the fruit of such a thing can only be the same.  But if some of the fruit of Hubris is advancement.....hmmmmmm.  Perhaps this riddle is only answered by the admission that the advancement of the human race via technology and science is not inherently good.

Perhaps our 'Tower of Babel' will come crashing down and we all become confounded in our attempts to reach the singularity.  So I leave it to you.  As the posts are posted and the discussion becomes debate......are we only building our own Tower?  Will Babel fall?  Or is Heaven reachable by mortal men and his continual, unrelenting steady laying of brick after brick?

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